A recent pledge by 181 American CEOs to care about more than their shareholders “had all the moral weight of a New Year’s resolution and about the same odds of being fulfilled,” says author. CEOs may promise to be ethical, but most of them do the bare minimum.

Retaliatory action means the next person is less likely to say anything. Some companies will be willing to take a hit if they think it will save them in the future. You have to be willing to take the risk.

There’s also the fact that you just bit the hand that feeds. Depending on the industry, that could get you blacklisted. No legal recourse there (except for maybe slander or libel that prevented you from being employed [of course, it would have to actually be something slanderous or libellous]).

The vast majority of whistle blowers are not do-gooders, nor are they people who have made all of their legal protections. They’re disgruntled employees who are on their way out anyway. Whistle blowing, it seems, is more often an emotional decision rather than a reasoned one.

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