Recently the idea of leaving kids “gender neutral” until they are old enough to pick their own gender is gaining momentum. How do you feel about leaving kids nameless until they are old enough to pick their own names?

I mean, I don't really feel the need to impose the idea that my kid should or shouldn't do things because of gender. In that sense she's pretty neutral and is too young to understand gender or abstract concepts generally anyway.

At some point she'll understand there are boys and girls and I'll teach her some idea of the biological differences, probably point out that typically girls and women wear somewhat different clothes and hair styles so it's usually easy to tell without having to ask or strip their clothes off, though there's exceptions and there's nothing preventing her from wearing pants and short hair.

But I'm not going to proactively steer her into wanting to be a Disney princess or housewife or most of the things that involve gender in the sense it's distinct from biological sex and is socially and culturally constructed.

Already has a name and it's pretty obviously feminine.

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