Reclaiming "Prude" & Sex Positivity

"the only good reason to have sex is because you really, REALLY, REALLY want to."

I remember having that epiphany when I was maybe 21, after a long LTR where, especially towards the ends, I mostly just had sex because it was my duty as a girlfriend. Getting out of that relationship reminded me of how much uninspired, really undesired "duty sex" I'd been having.

there really is a LOT of stuff on both left and right that tells women they should have sex they don't actually want. (and crazy gaslighting about "responsive desire" aka: you'll want to fuck if you fuck when you don't want to fuck. And if not, ah, I guess you're just broken)

On the right, it's the insistence that you put out for marital sex in the name of preserving the nuclear family, and on the left it's the insistence that you put out for a string of randoms in the name of empowerment

but yah, it's all just men working their own agendas. They are afraid that if women only had sex when they wanted to, it'd take a lot more effort on their ends, so they propagandize incessantly.

I'm not sure if they're right or not, though; I think they underestimate both how libido-depressing duty sex is and how much of it we've endured by relatively early ages.

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