Recommendations for places in town that repair cell phones?

Yeah, I realize you're not getting the same quality screen when you have it replaced. I'm definitely looking to just have them pay to get their screens fixed rather than do it myself. I considered that option, and am confident I could likely do it, but I'd rather they pay for quality rather than risk me fucking it up with glass of an even lesser quality than what a repair joint will likely use.

They don't have insurance. They opted out. For them, when it comes to insurance, I'm on the fence. I realize they're not as careful as I am, but it was their choice. Lesson learned, and now they'll have to pay.

If you're clumsy with your phone, insurance is not a bad idea. For me, as someone who usually always buys a warranty or insurance on everything I own, I fucking hate phone insurance. My phone retails for $950. Knowing that that is what the phone costs if I totally break it is all the insurance I need. This is the third smartphone I have owned and every single one has been in like-new condition by the time I'm done with it. They get very well taken care of and I sell them for top dollar when I'm done. I used to work for Verizon Wireless and had to push their insurance on every phone I sold. The iPhone is a more expensive phone and retains its value better, so they are damn expensive to insure. $10 a month and then an almost $200 deductible if I do break it? And I get a refurbished phone? You say you got a new phone when you broke yours? If that is the case, that is almost unheard of. In my years working there I never came across an insurance phone that wasn't a refurb. I'll take my chances.

My sisters took their chances and lost. Lesson learned. Now they'll have to dish out $150/$200 to get it fixed. And maybe now they'll listen to me when I tell them to get a good case to protect it. Still cheaper than what they would have paid in insurance though.

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