Record numbers attend German anti-Islamization rally

German nationalism is the most hilarious because it is absolutely arbitrary.

You could say the nationalism of any nation is arbitrary. But would your say the same that culture is arbitrary? National lines aren't just seen as arbitrary borders to some people. One's culture is also represented in those lines. That's why nationalism brings out an us vs them mentality, because cultures really do differ from each other and that means conflicts of ways, ways against ways. Some cultures see immigration as an oppression, or threat of their culture, and ignoring those feelings is foolish. Because cultural pride is still there and all at once a people will send your head spinning and unite, and most of the time this means uniting against others. You will see defensive or aggressive attitudes against those they see of a different culture.

America has grown a culture of allowing integration of other people's cultures. Some here don't like that, you can say what you want about them, but dismissing them is foolish. It doesn't go away because you ignore it.

Ironically I've been researching up about WW2 just recently out of boredom. Now Germans are being said to have some kind of far right nationalism churning. Well of course they do. Your not going to oppress people's ways, and in doing so creates explosive conditions. WW2 has left Germany without even a peace declaration. They are still occupied. However they are steal German. Some anti Islamic movement or whatever was bound to happen again. You can interpret history all you want, but if you don't learn from it your a fool. Germans have only been compliant and immigrant accepting due to pressure not because they want to accept immigrants, but your not going to hear that because of all the WW2 stigma on them, until that stigma slowly dies down, and then they pick up right where they left off.

Basically German Nationalism has merely been oppressed for 70 years, but it was never destroyed and calling it arbitrary is a very bad idea.

Now about that whole crimes against thing they did back then. I doubt they are going to be pulling out the ole gas chambers against Muslims now. Still I think if there is a new wave of cultural pride, we should listen to them instead of dismiss them. The UN is in no way going to allow "history to repeat itself". But there is a chance of some very difficult conditions for immigrants in Germany, and maybe it might be best if their government starts taming their immigration policies, if that's what their people are asking for.

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