The US records over 28,000 cases in 1 day, the most since the beginning of May as all 50 states reopen

Or how all the bodies are supposedly being considered covid fatalities even when they're not. No, it's horseshit, they need to test positive for covid and have to be believed to have died due to covid to show up on the list. They act like anyone who dies in a nursing home with covid is automatically just blamed on covid, or act as though those people were about to die any moment, but the reality is many people end up in nursing facilities due to health issues and live there for decades before dying. So yes, covid did cut their life short, and thus they're on the death counter.

If anything many people argue the death count should include those not diagnosed with covid when they die, but anyone who died due to the inability to receive healthcare or any other way indirectly due to covid. I personally am having an autoimmune flareup bad enough I would have gone to the ER but I can't due to covid, if that were to kill me despite not having covid I think that should be counted as a covid death because it would be an indirect death due to covid. NYC had their daily number of people who died at home due to health problems multiply by about 10x, I think those bodies should be counted.

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