Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is a mess - A beautiful game marred by crashing and stuttering issues

It's worth mentioning that while some are having issues, there are also others that aren't. The good thing worth mentioning is that they've been very quick on fixes. 2 game patches so far, and 2 launcher updates.

Personally I haven't ran into any issues at all so far. It's worked as I expected, and there is no stuttering. I'm getting about 55-65 fps on an 8700k/GTX 1070 with a mix of medium/high settings and it still looks fantastic, so I'm satisfied with that mostly.

A safe guess is that for a number of people, the reason they might be having is because they may not have windows properly updated, not having the latest drivers, and also potentially having in the past messed with those "privacy" or "optimizer" programs that can absolutely have unintended consequences.

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