Reddit, Why are you no longer friends with your best friend? [Serious]

Warning: rambling and philosophical wall of text. TL;DR: University + I might have accidentally posted an inappropriate joke on Twitter.

We went to different uni's and I never really kept in touch. I'd like to think that being friends on Twitter and FB still makes us friends, but I made the stupid mistake of making nerd-culture valentine's day jokes on twitter which might have been misconstrued one way or the other or showed that I know jack shit about Harry Potter. Next thing I knew I lost a few of my twitter followers which I assume included him, and a few months later I checked into facebook and wondered why I never saw him and it's because he unfriended me there as well. I know they were stupid jokes that probably did accidentally cross some line, but I still think it's kind of harsh that he has a bunch of other friends who were all in the same sort of group and also don't post jack to FB, and he shuns me because I mis-tweeted. idk, I got university to focus on and I have University friends for what it's worth.

I sort of feel left out because I was never the kind of person to really do the stereotypical high school/univerity party-your-ass-off sort of thing but it kind of bites. I mean I've moved on and I know everyone else has, but it's kind of tough to see people on facebook and twitter and know you're not part of their lives anymore; that they are doing all this without you. One of my friends was kind of the student representative at our high school grad, and he broke down crying at the mic because he knew it would be the last time he saw most of us again. I didn't understand it at the time because that's just something that wasn't on my mind. Now that I've lived in University for so long I understand what he felt. It took a while to sink in.

At this point it's like how do you even talk to or address some of the people you don't even recognize. I mean I know all the friends that were in my group, and I could point them out, but then there are the kids that teased me around, the kids I walked by and saw every so often, the kids I only heard of and can't put a face to. How do I even address those people when they have matured so much for better or for worse. And then this comes back to my problem with addressing my best friends. I mean If my assumption is correct as to accidentally offending him, what do you even say when you haven't said a word in 3-4 years. I mean, if he still remembers why for whatever reason he shut off contact, then what do you say? I know friends that would understand a gap in contact because they at least acknowledge me when i say Happy Birthday and stuff, but the people who have just changed so much and the people who have just cut off contact... idk, thinking too much about facebook complicates things, and at this point I'm just writing to distract myself from a religious studies exam.

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