Reddit bans subreddits such as GenderCritical and The_Donald forum as part of major hate speech purge

You have pretty much argued your way to detransitioning in every thread I've read. People offer fairly level headed advice re: stepping off certain meds and trying to understand some of the issues you're having.

It looks like you've been talking about de-transitioning for over a year as well. The question of am I trans and what if I'm not was huge for me personally. At the time that I was coming out we were all dealing with a lot of astroTERFing on detransitioning.

You're post history looks like you were pushing a similar narrative. There's several where you just quit when called out on being TERFish.

All that being said I have friends that have had a tough time as well so I know it happens.

I don't wish you any I'll will, I really do hope either way you find some happiness.

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