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The stats aren’t racist but the way people frame them is. Correlation isn’t causation these stats dont exist in a vacuum where other factors are at play. They are used to justify the oppression and murder of the black community.

The whole 13/50 is perfect for highlighting this.

Sure thats the case but why is more important. The righties say its simple they are low IQ simpletons thag commit crimes cause its all they can do.

The real issue is the systemic racism. Defunding schools in their neighborhoods. Generational poverty that is only exacerbated by the poor funding in their communities. The fucking Reagan administration sold crack to these communities and then arrested the very people they sold the drugs to after they got their communities hooked.

all right people in this country I'm not sure why we make such a big deal about it.

Which is why trump won and continues to have 40% support? Yeah totally not a big part of the country.

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