Reddit bans The_Donald, Chapo, and other subreddits

Nah, screw off.

No thanks.

Excuse, excuse, dodge, deflect and "OTHERS ARE BAD TOO!" bullshit.

Tell me again where I made excuses for TD or CTH? Are you purposely not reading my posts?

It's not nearly as bad, and downvotes and saying you have a shitty opinion isn't hateful.

Yeah, if someone was just disagreeing and downvoting, that would be one thing. Maybe you don't actually go and read any of those controversial comments, but a good chunk of the responses to them are straight hateful.

Have you tried not having a shitty opinion?

Have you tried not being an asshole to anyone you might disagree with?

But go ahead and cry about how "I'm part of the problem too"

You are if you choose to ignore the reality of what goes on in that sub. You can claim whatever, but that's just how it is.

but then, I very specifically didn't reply to you, I replied to the other guy. What, I'm not allowed to reply to your post or something? If you didn't want to bother, you shouldn't have replied to me.

I'm not in the mood to put up with your bullshit both-sidesing.

Again, don't really care what you're in the mood for. Feel free to disengage at any time. As far as me "both-sidesing"...I'm just going to chalk this up to selective reading at this point. FFS.

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