Reddit CEO Ellen Pao loses sexual discrimination lawsuit on all 4 counts

Saw this timeline posted on r/TwoXChromosomes. You guys are good at digging and compiling info, can anyone confirm these?

I have some, commentary of a different tone, but there's a lot of points, you'd be astounded how far this goes, I'll try:

Ellen Pao got a job as a "humble assistant" (literally it enforced that language), wanted a COO position, wrote as such.
Later was offered a junior investor position.
She had an affair with a married guy (no shaming there) but when he didn't leave his wife for her, she wrote "you're fucked", and that's what she tried, she kept that ace up her sleeve for YEARS (2005-2008)
She had bad reviews, she intentionally gave bad reviews and started rumors about all other women
She contacted lawyers FIVE YEARS in advance of her filing suit, given advice to create a paper trail, which she did, for FIVE YEARS, baiting the company to make a mistake, keeping 250,000 documents.
Finally in 2008 Buddy Fletcher her husband is facing charges for his fund that it an entirely Madoff level ponzi scheme, a scheme he's lost on every month since he married her and she was advising
she decides to play her ace, gets things lined up, goes into the meeting expecting a grand show down and easy payout... however: she said she had an affair (tried to make it seem ugly, used a lot of sexual terms, as if to say "take this to court, I'll embarrass you") but she tried to say she "succumbed" to an affair (she said she loved him, wanted to marry him, wanted kids with him, but yes, no perfect affair victim... he was married so )
instead of the worrying rush to give her money, within 60 seconds an investigator was called on her behalf and she was asked if they should fire the guy (who had done nothing wrong)
she panicked, took two weeks off, said no, don't fire him (would hurt her case) wouldn't meet with the investigator, until she had her own lawyer, this was her trying to get her case retargeted
she files suit after an epic and crazy slog
she stays in the office acting passive aggressive
she is asked if she prefers to leave she says she wants 15 million to go, they offer her the COO position she always wanted, of course, she turned it down
after a few more months of her being malicious, getting worse reviews and causing conflicts with clients, they give her a 6 month staged resignation package with a 12 month extension and keep all your board position and interest and bonuses
she runs to twitter and screams "I'VE BEEN FIRED!!!1111 aaaaaargh" and also quora, then calls up clients, CLIENTS, and screams "I'VE BEEN FIRED!!!11"
So, they fire her. (still giving her good terms...)
Finally she gets what she wants, a firing! hey, time to sue
time goes by, the case comes along... she loses.

Did I mention the $144 million defrauded? possible bribe or yishan wong?

There's probably more, I have some comments on it, but they are full of puerile humor.

Kleiner Perkins gave her mentors, paid her more than her male colleagues, and offered her the roles she wanted. They were as close to a real world ideal employer as you can imagine. Taking criticism seriously and acting quickly.

She sued knowing she was wrong, knowing she was stealing the entitlement from women who would really deserve this. She's being lauded as a hero by some misguided people online, she is no such thing, Ellen Pao is a misogynistic villain who has tried to drag women down with her.

Women who suffer discrimination should get justice. Ellen Pao was given more opportunities above and beyond, and actively attacked her company for five years relentlessly without any consequences. She harmed other women at the company, and she did so with a complete knowledge and understanding that she was lying to make money.

Ellen Pao is a fraud, and she has possible FBI investigations because of her part in the $144,000,000 defrauding of pension funds with Buddy Fletcher her hubby.

So, reddit, maybe time to question /u/yishan bringing her on, ask if she might have bribed him, and start to look at reality and fixing this.

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