Reddit, Charles Manson just died aged 83, after four decades in prison. How do you feel about it?

Off the top of my head

  • Las Vegas shooter

  • Trump supporter who killed father

  • Trump supporter who killed that woman with his car

There have been a total of at least 307 mass shootings this year. Not to mention stabbings and stranglings. People are being killed by what we are doing. The elites have designed a way to bleed us dry and drag us into a race war, sex war, and a class war (only among the lower classes). The elites who control the media live like gangsters and kings and prey on the regular populace. The carnage will continue and they will make money off of it. Gun sales are driven anti gun momentum. They know that. They are creating a state of fear. Shoot, shoot, kill. Time.for reform? Nope, quick rhe liberals want your guns! Chicago is a warzone right? So celebrate when the police slaughter countless unarmed black children and demand Kaepernick be harmed! This is all a game to them. They want us to partake in this race war that Charles tried to accelerate. But we have some hope. Politicians like Bernie Sanders know what they are doing and want to save us. If George McGovern won in 1968 perhaps Manson's actions could have been prevented. LBJ tried to make America a peaceful society by eliminating sexism, racism, and class warfare but they turned everyone against him and manipulated him in Vietnam. It's never too late to live in peace.

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