Reddit, have you ever been in a life or death situation?

Depends on your perspective. I always thought dangerous situations = truly living. As a young man, I sought them out. 1001 crazy stories. Mugged, shot at, beat down by a group of strangers,vehicles lost in rivers, surfing in my vehicle, surfing with sharks at 2 am, caught in riptides, countless canoeing disasters, bear/deer and wild dog incidents, construction/industrial accidents, unsportsmanlike drivers, hunting/fishing incidents, etc, etc, etc. This one reddit might or might not like. I don't care either way. I liked to hitchhike/backpack alone in my early 20's. One time after camping with a friend, I was hitching alone, half drunk, hashed up at night. Walked a couple miles and finally a pickup truck stopped. When I got up to the vehicle I noticed the guy had some kind of State insignia on his shirt. "Safe ride.", I thought (different time, can't tell you how many cops gave me rides while I was carrying, drunk, or both). Threw my pack in the back, jumped in, and introduced myself. Turns out he is a NJ prison guard. Cool! He said he was going straight down the road for 10 miles . Good ride, as I had about 50 to go, nice start. Asked about his job, he said he hated it. He asked me where I was coming from. I said camping with a girl in the mountains. He said, "Girl/guy, doesn't matter." My radar instantly went up. This was in the early 70's. Not quite as accepted as it is today , but as a skinny hippie, a lot of old guys used to try to fuck with you mentally that way, plus the few real deals I ran into asked politely if I was interested. Always said I was strictly hetero and that was the end of that. We would still party. Not this guy. He asks me politely if I had ever been approached by a gay guy. I tell him the truth, but he seems to be getting angry. He moves his work belt from behind him to the console , club, handcuffs, general cool cop stuff. I try to change the subject, no go. He asks if I have ever been raped by a man, he is gritting his teeth as he stares at me, not really looking at the damn road. "No sir, not really into that, exit only!" By this time I had managed to get my Buck knife out and open beside the door. He asks me what I could possibly do to stop such an assault as he veers at highspeed onto a side dirt road. The knife comes up, and I scream, " I would cut that mother fucker ear to ear!" Miraculously, the motherfucker slams on the brakes and tells me to get the fuck out. Grab my pack and run into the forest. About a half mile back I had seen neon lights. Get to the bar, have a few drinks, tell my story. Bartender let's me stay the night, and arranged for my rides home the next day. Damn decent humanity. I did get arrested the next day and thrown in jail for a few hours for failure to pay a pissing in public fine. My best friends bet on me not seeing 25. Well over twice that now. Live it, love it, or waste it. Enjoy your only ride, you get only one ticket for it.


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