Reddit, have you ever had an "Oh shit, I'm gonna die" moment, or a moment where you accepted death? What was it?

Well, let me tell you. I was on a summer trip to Europe with a friend and we had a stint over in Amsterdam were I had a run in with death in the Red Light District. Now to preface the story, I was drunk. And I feel incredibly bad about what I did. It was definitely not cool, and definitely against the rules.

We found ourselves pulled into a strip club, and of course got coaxed into lap dances by the girls working there. I can't complain, because a lap dance is a lap dance. After each of us had finished our respective dances, we were chillin' on a couch taking in the atmosphere around us sipping on a beer.

Sitting on a couch, looking like 2 unassuming guys we happened to notice this gentleman to our right getting a lap dance. But this guy looked exactly like one of our friends back home, boyfriend. So me, being drunk, decided to take a picture of this man thinking it'd be hilarious to show her saying "haha we saw Spencer getting a lap dance in Amsterdam!"

Well, unbeknownst to me, my flash was on. And there was a strict no photography policy in the club. So my flash goes off, and this women workin this guy's lap just freaks out. I immediately know what i've done, and get up to leave the club. She starts shouting "Michelle! Michelle!" Calling for the huge , ponytail reppin' bouncer I paid for my dance earlier.

At this point I'm booking it towards the stairs, and my friend decides to sit back and take it all in from the couch. I felt at least 2 hands on my shoulders, and ended up making outside the club and ran down the street for like 5 minutes straight scared for my life. Had this bouncer, or woman, caught me, I'm almost certain I wouldn't be here typing this post today. I had some nasty bruises on my shoulders from them trying to grab me and apprehend me from leaving.

Looking back on it, it's hilarious. But I feel incredibly bad I had taken a picture inside the club, knowing it's not allowed.

So I'd say that's the closest I've ever come to death.

10/10 would do again.

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