Reddit, have you ever had sex with your ex, if so, did it change you or make you realize anything?, Why or why not?

I met my first high school girlfriend after a long time a few days ago. She asked to see me as she knows i am now single since a year and a half.

We met up and went for a walk in the countryside. We chatted and at one point she started to tickle me up. In response i started to tickle her out and we noticed being alone under a tree. I told her to stop because my hand was on one of her boobs. She smiled at me with an innocent look and then got closer. By her face i could see she was feeling my boner pressed against her ass.

You know how the rest of the story goes. We kissed and in a few seconds she had my pants unzipped. I put her belly down on the grass as she told me she wasn’t on birth control and still a virgin (We never fucked as it was early high school, so it was a no go at least for now). She told me she didn’t want a serious relationship (neither did i) and that i could take her virgin ass instead. I ended up unloading inside her bottom hole and then we cleaned up and left.

It was awkward. She wrote to me this morning like nothing happened. It’s a bad period though so i guess satisfying my urges isn’t bad at all for now. Hope she doesn’t turn serious, not ready for a relationship and i am not interested in her anymore. But man, that ass.

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