The reddit experience as a whole has been slowly declining since the beginning of its creation, and the ever increasing amount of community members isn't helping.

I've been here for four years.

In that time, very little has changed, for better or worse. It's tempting to simply write the majority of the people here off as scum, but the problem with that assumption is that most of said people are also below 30 years of age.

I can safely say that Reddit has done vast, and probably irreparable damage to my view of humanity as a species. I'm close to genuinely looking forward to human extinction at this point. The Millennials have a vast number of different attitudes which I simply do not want to know about the existence of; but the worst ones, by far, are political correctness, Leftist social justice activism, and the relentless obsession with minorities.

I'm sick of the continual expressions of Marxist mind control. I'm sick of "solidarity," and activism, when all said activism ever means is a bunch of brainless university students having their strings pulled by plutocrats. Occupy and the Arab Spring were nothing but proxy wars. The worst part is that the idiots involved never learn. They actively resist learning, and they regard anyone who tries to innoculate their naivete as some sort of traitor to their group.

I can honestly say that I would prefer living in a scenario where there was not the constant fixation with "equality," at this point. I genuinely find neo-Nazis on 4chan's /pol/ to be less stressful and infuriating to deal with, than the stereotypical liberal on Reddit. Yes, most of what they believe is toxic bullshit, and I also tell them that; but the difference is that even after I say that, I can actually have a coherent debate with them about it. Here, if I disagree with anyone, I just get silently downvoted, sworn at, or called names.

I want the end of the Left. Not rationally; but emotionally, viscerally, that is what I want. I want to be able to talk to people who do not consider any ideas to be so taboo that they simply are not permitted to be mentioned, under any circumstances; and the problem is that once the definition of what is taboo or "hate speech," is in place, then it just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, until suddenly things which are genuinely innocuous are included within it.

I want you idiots to start thinking - actually thinking - critically about things, whether it is Ferguson, or 9/11, or whatever else. I'm tired of this idiotic scenario where as soon as the phrase, "conspiracy theory," either appears or gets mentioned, then brains immediately get turned off, and a person's opinions are reflexively assumed to be completely invalid, with no further questions asked.

Most of you do not truly think. Most of you have mental flowcharts which cycle back and forth between whether or not someone's statement has been derived from a "reputable," source, or is the words of an "expert." This is not logic; it's called the appeal to authority fallacy.

Most of you know nothing about empiricism. Most of you seem to know absolutely zero about actually testing an idea yourselves before condemning it; the only thing that matters is what the "experts," think. Millennials are not truly human beings, and they do not deserve to give themselves that title; not compared with our history. Millennials are corporate raised, corporate owned, domestic animals. You are literal livestock. You keep your brains constantly connected to your iGarbage, and do absolutely nothing whatsoever except follow the herd. I literally never see any autonomy or independent thought, anywhere. It's just all drama, dick measuring contests, or "comedy," of the most pathetic, peurile, nauseating, and rage inducing kind.

I'm fucking finished with humanity, at this point. I am completely washing my hands of the species. Fuck you all, every last one of you.

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