Do you know why Reddit Hates Trump at literally everything?

People hate Trump because everyone is hating Trump. It seems as no one has a mind of their own or truly understand politics for what it is. Trump isn’t anywhere close to being politically correct so instead of looking past what he says they think he’s a peice of shit. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a trump supporter but I don’t hate the guy either. People who understand politics and have a logical way of thinking support ideas, not the person. It seems here that people are just so against him that anything he does is deemed wrong. For example the wall, he’s now known as a racist. But someone with logical thinking would also know the wall is to seperate Mexico and the U.S because that’s where most of the illegal immigrants come from. It will stop from the drug cartel coming in America as well as helping keep the country safe. We need to have proper border control to keep a country safe. It’s an asset. But people think it’s morally correct to allow the illegals to stay here because of their under developed country. But in all honesty, allowing people in with no background check and a sob story is just asking for trouble.

So trump is deemed hated because he’s going against the human rights people, and is doing things for the better of the country rather than stuff thats for moral reasons. He’s done alot of good, and he’s done alot of bad. But should the man be the most hated on the planet? No.

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