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Norway is a beacon of inspiration in this case.

They caught the worst terrorist of their modern era and gave him an open, fair and thourough trial for the benefit of the terrorist, the nation and the victims.

Afterwards the nation took benefit of the situation by focusing on the police force. To see what they could do better.

Police chief Öisten Maeland resigned in protest to the poor support from his superiors in the justice ministry. So that his job could be done better.

Two years have gone by and norway are yet to impose a single restriction on their citizens in the name of public safety.

The american administration decided to invade multiple foreign nations. Enact innumerable restrictions on its citizens in the name of public safety – except guns or explosives, that would be utter madness /s – without showing tangible evidence to their long term effects.

Oh, and once the administration found the terrorist they decided to shoot him.

No court. No attempt at gathering intelligence by capturing him and his family members.

No attempt to understand how and why their most hated foe created such carnage.

No attempt to bring understanding and closure to the victims.

I would be ashamed to let my administration bully me and the world around me for fear of it's own safety.

To be the kid silently watching on as the loud mouthed bastard throws stones on kids from another class wondering why.

They do it because they can.

Because you let them.

I am already ashamed of Reinfeldt's treatment of our public healthcare and wellfare system.

If I where an american I do not know if I could bear the guilt of inaction.

Some days go by when I wonder if the american people have lost their heart to the bread and games.

Are you not mad!

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