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I have no idea if it's true or not. But I read on some thread a while back that Robert Downy jr had done an ama. In that ama he had claimed Zoey 101 was cancelled because there was a possibility that Jamie Spears was pregnant because of Dan Shnieder.

I was originally pissed by seeing Zoey 101 be cancelled because Jamie was pregnant. Knowing now that those actions were taken due to the panic of her baby being Dan's. Makes a lot more sense. If she was just pregnant with someone closer to her age or not in the industry. There would be no reason to cancel the show.

All it would have taken was different camera angles to cover up the pregnancy. Plus, it would be counter intuitive and hypocritical as hell. To cancel over her just being pregnant. Considering it was still a job. One that she needd even more as a mother. That should have been enough reason to shut up anyone opposed to continue filming. But the possibility of the kid being Dan's. That is a whole different problem all together.

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