Reddit, please. I need your help. In a region of religious oppression, hatred and bigotry with no hope of change, where can I go? (X-post r/askreddit)

Well there is what "could" you do and there is what "should" you do. Those types of areas are typically undereducated and have antiquated ideologies based on silly things that are from a lack of diverse experience. You "could" stick around and be a beacon of opposing thought (very obvious to others maintaining solid bigoted viewpoints) by speaking your mind in risk of such mentioned threats in order for younger and more liberal minded people to take notice and confidence in. But would this really impact the community? Probably not. The main thing that will send people who dont have all the answers to life toward a liberal view is 1. Education and 2. The internet. The kids who focus on education in your town will become intimately involved with the internet. On which, views that are contrary to the foolish ones propagated by your community will be constantly challenged. You are in a bastion of ignorance. Views on homosexuality are changing whether the bible belt likes it or not. It will happen without them. The kids and folks that are aware and living there are not going to be ok with it. They will move out. So sure you "could" be a firebrand in your community but I say take care of yourself man. These things are going to change without you getting beaten up in some uber conservative town. What you should do is move on in my opinion. These pockets of ignorance happen. Dont torture yourself trying to be part of one. I was religious conservative republican before moving to a city for 6 years. Now am liberal demo (meh too) agnostic borderline atheist. Get out there. Experience something new. Get educated if possible. Keep your activism. Youre young enough to make it all happen with hard work.

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