Reddit, what are some of your "something isn't right, we need to leave ASAP" moments?

I’ve had several but one I remember clearly was a house party at an apartment. My best friend called and wanted to go so she picked me up and we went, I knew a few of the people there and while they weren’t the cleanest cut people I still considered them friends. My best friend was having a great time everything was pretty normal and I got a crazy feeling to go upstairs? It was like a duplex apartment in government housing. My buddy stops me at the stairs and is like oh don’t go up there the power quit working up there today for some reason. But I still went up there, in the dark, straight to the back bedroom to the window at the back. I looked at the streetlight outside and was like wtf am I doing up here I should go back down. Right then something in me was like you need to leave, and you need to go right now. I remember thinking to myself why tf would I leave it’s a party and my friends. I could hear everyone laughing downstairs and having fun. But still I decided to call my friend who delivers pizzas and see what he was up to. When he answered he was delivering a pizza at the exact apartment complex I was at. So he said he outside in like 60 seconds and you c an rid won some deliveries with me. As soon as I went back downstairs I went straight to the front door and only my best friend happened to see me as she was exiting the bathroom, everyone else was in the back part of the house partying. I remember her asking me where I was going and telling her I’d be right back I was going to ride with so and so for a minute and she should come with but she refused. She was super happy said everything was fine and asked me to stop by the store on the way back and bring her a soda. I walked out and hopped in my friends car. We weren’t down the road for more than a minute when another friend called me and said whatever you do do not go back. They were parked out front of the apartment when I left, about to go in. I had waved and told them I’d be coming back. They said right after I pulled away the jean team (swat cops) kicked he door in in full riot gear with dogs and everything. They had just sat in the car and watched and freaked out and started calling everyone to stay away. It was the craziest thing. I bailed my best friend out of jail the next morning and apparently the cops had had the apartment surrounded in the bushes and shit as i had left. My poor friend said she was so scared of the dogs and the guns in everyone’s faces as they were thrown on the floor and handcuffed. It was wild, I left so abruptly for no reason and it saved my ass.

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