Reddit what was the moment where you realised your date was completely insane?

My FIRST ever date was when I was a senior in high school, at 17, and and I had met a girl on myspace who lived about 30 minutes from me and she was going to go to the same tiny college that I was going to in the Fall. We talked for a few weeks, started developing feelings. We decided to meet. I go to her house and am greeted by her parents. Then she comes down, and is almost an entirely completely different person! I had been catfished!

However, being 17 and more soft spoken than I am now at 30, I decided to take her on the date anyway. We went to dinner and she was talking about us being the "It" cool couple on campus and getting married right after we graduate in 4 years, house, dogs, kids etc... it was insane! Not only had she catfished me, but she delusionly saw us married and with kids in 4 years!

Yeah I raced her back home. Driving as fast as possible, CDs flying all over my car etc... I let her down the next day.

Yeah she cyber stalked me the whole summer, and once college started she physically stalked me for a semester. Pulling crazy moves here and there. Stalking the various women I was dating or hooking up with etc...

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