Reddit, what is the most overrated film?

Predestination. Rant Incoming, sorry. That movie was utterly insane.

Now, this isn't exactly a hugely popular film like most of the other things on here, but it received good reviews, so I'll say that puts it in the overrated bin.

So now, the film's description when I bought it said it was a futuristic time travel movie about stopping a bomber by going back in time. It also said it was based on a classic Heinlein short story, so I was expecting what was on the tin. Yeah, no. Also, the characters are unnamed, so I'll call them A and B.

So, the story starts of with A getting injured on a time travel mission to stop the bomber, and getting healed so he can set off once again. Now A has jumped back to the 1970's, and runs into B at a bar. B then proceeds to spend the next hour telling his life story! Which shows that B is actually a trans guy!

And it continues in basically a separate movie this whole time, leaving you wondering where the hell the time travel is. Also there's 1950's sci-fi spaceship technology, which is promptly forgotten. Anyways, after B gets kicked out of Sci-fi space academy, where everyone's a bastard except for her, she has a shit life until she meets this great guy who proceeds to knock her up and bail. Things get worse when she births the baby, which destroys her uterus, showing the doctors she's actual sort of a man. She then is forced into a sex change, which takes all of 5 minutes. So uh, yeah. The baby also gets stolen. More stuff happens to her, but I don't care.

Finally it gets back to the bar scene, and A offers B a chance to go back in time to confront the guy who knocked her up. So they travel back in time and B stakes out a building, waiting for Past B. But then Past B bumps into Future B revealing that B was B's love interest! So then Future B, fully aware of this shit, falls in love with and has sex with herself! When A tries to stop this B even says, "I love her!" It's so strangely...narcissistic.

So A and B bail, so B can be trained as a time agent or whatever. A then proceeds to travel back in time to steal B's baby, which, guess what is actually B! Yup, A brings that abomination back in time and brings her to an orphanage. But wait, there's more, as A is revealed to also be B! Yep, face swap during that first injury. Oh and the Bomber, WHO FINALLY APPEARS, is also B. AB then shoots Future AB, and takes their place.

So it's all just one endless, time hopping, masturbatory circle. M Night Shyamalan would be proud.

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