Reddit what is the most toxic community you've ever encountered?

That's just overly dramatic. There's toxic people in starcraft, as there are with any competitive game - but there are (were?) heaps of helpful and engaging players at all levels. Given the pro scene and how stringent the ranking system is, starcraft players generally aren't fooled by their rank, or get delusions of grandeur (plenty of this in CS and Overwatch). It's predominantly a 1v1 game; there's no crutch and no excuse to lose other than being outplayed in some capacity (hardware/internet aside).

Starcraft is also more difficult than most, if not all, competitive games. It would take at least a year or more of very consistent, daily play to get from bronze to masters if you're new to starcraft and/or RTS. Vast majority of starcraft players know this, they wouldn't possibly flame someone for not being good after a short amount of time.

I don't know if your experience was from a subreddit or TL thread, but I've been involved in starcraft for the better part of 10 years and seldom ever saw a self admitted "noob" get lambasted for seeking help in getting better. The community is really passionate about keeping players interested and competitive.

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