Reddit, what’s some of your cringiest high school stories?

I drank a lot...a LOT in high school so all of it was cringe to say the least. The one that still makes me almost throw up to think about is this:

So I had a friend that taught me a lot of things: how to get drunk, how to smoke weed. and that depression is cool. Yeah, i know that last one is not true, but she sure made it seem like it was. I spent almost every weekend blacked out because moderation wasn’t a thing and with the black outs went my grades, my athleticism, and my reputation. Instead of quitting that life and focusing on what made me happy, I decided to cover up all of my brutal mistakes with more alcohol. Well, one night I was with that friend and we did not have a place to go. We were obviously underage and acquired most of the alcohol from her dads beer tap and her moms liquor cabinet, but if we kept doing it we would definitely get caught. We set out on a hunt for the beloved alcohol. A friend from school notified us that he had 5 year old bear and some left over Fireball if we wanted to come chill. This guy that invited us wasn’t really a ladies man, and not to brag, but me and my friend were kind of the shit at the time (doesn’t mean anything now, high schools weird). We went anyways because booze is booze. Another one of his friends was there and he was in the same boat as the other guys: unpopular and socially awkward. The party then starts. One, two, three...ten shots, 2 beers each and we are having a good time.

The cringe part starts when drunk me turns into horny drunk me. I had a reputation for having sex with anything with a penis, but let me defend myself my saying 98% of the time I was wasted (exhibit A). Somehow, someone initiates for me and the second dude to kiss. Alright, not too bad right? Well, there’s about a 15 minute gap in my memory of exactly what happened, but what I remember is that my girl friend was fingering me while the two dudes stood outside talking. She then leaves and has sexual intercourse with the other guy and the other one comes in and tries to do me, but he can’t get hard. My first thought was that it was because I was repulsive, but it turns out it was just alcohol. I didn’t know that at the time so I run out crying and I look in the mirror. I remember thinking what the actually butt is going on right now. Neither one of the guys cum, and my girl friend and I ended up crashing before we even try to make them because we just chalked it up as they were not into girls.

We left the next morning and we swore to each other to never tell anyone. The guys on the other hand somehow in a matter of 24 hours spread it to the entire senior class.

High school sucks. Don’t try it.

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