Reddit, what is SCARIEST/CREEPIEST thing someone has said to you?

I'm a 30 y/o guy who frequently passes for 6-7 years younger. My whole life I've never truly felt creeped out by someone's behavior until 8 weeks ago.

Was on a 12-hour flight and this chubby older male flight attendant was giving me these strangely lingering smiles that creeped me out slightly. Okay, maybe he's just awkwardly friendly with all his passengers, I thought. No big deal, smile back and be polite.

At some point they handed out bottles of water, and when it came time to collect them he skipped everyone and came straight to me with a trash bag. I gave him the empty bottle, mumbled thanks and put my earphones back in and resumed my movie. A full 10 seconds later and something wasn't right. I looked to my left and he was just standing in the aisle, eyes still locked on me with a big stupid grin, while very slowly crushing the empty bottle between his hand and knee and maintaining eye contact. Okay, that's fucking weird.

Later on I got up to use the toilet, and had to wait in line. The same flight attendant comes out of the toilet and holds the door open for me, big smile and all, exclaims, "Welcome!" and maintains eye contact until I've closed the door behind me.

This went on for the whole flight, but I'm not even to the really creepy part yet. We finally landed in Amsterdam, I had a lot of luggage and wasn't in a rush to make my connecting flight so I let everyone else go ahead of me. As I'm approaching the exit of the plane, he's standing off to the right thanking passengers as flight attendants usually do, and when he sees me he tugs at my arm to stop me for a moment, leans in real close and whispers, "Buddy, you got a real nice smile there."

Fuuuuuuuck. I didn't feel clean for days.

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