Reddit, what is the strangest thing you've ever woken up to?

I used to live in a crappy boarding house. It had mold, was in pretty bad shape, not even the doorbell worked, but rent was cheap. The bottom floor consisted of the master bedroom (where the landlord lived), a seldom used living room, and the shared kitchen. Upstairs were three bedrooms and the shared bathroom. I had the middle bedroom. At the time of the incident, two scummy college kids were in the room over the garage, facing the street, and a girl who we'll call Tracy, who had just moved in, lived in the room overlooking the backyard.

On this particular day, one of my friends was fighting with his girlfriend, so he came over to watch anime while I slept. I had been passed out for about two hours, when I wake up to 2 cops bursting through my door, closely followed by a third, shouting "TRACY! TRACY, DID YOU TAKE THE PILLS, ARE YOU BREATHING?!'

I was quite confused, sat up quickly, and managed to flash my tits to the 3 cops and my friend. I believe my tit-flashing distracted the officers from several items of questionable legality (thanks boobs). One cop slowly walks toward me like I'm a puppy about to run into traffic, saying, "You're ok now Tracy, why don't you come with me. How many pills did you take?" while the other two cops glare at my friend.

When I finally gather my wits, I try to explain that I'm actually CATastrophe727, and Tracy is in the bedroom next door. They didn't seem to believe me, but found her door locked with light moaning sounds inside. I look over towards the boys' room and see about 3 MORE cops climbing in through the WINDOW! That's right. They had several cop cars and a firetruck outside, and had CLIMBED IN THROUGH THE UPSTAIRS WINDOW!

They finally get to her, and an ambulance is called. It took them 45 minutes to get poor Tracy down the stairs. It turned out she wasn't suicidal at all, but had suffered from kidney failure.

The cops questioned me about her behavior, but I wasn't much help because she had just moved in. They asked why I didn't answer the door when they rang the doorbell, so I showed them it was broken. After a bit more questioning, I give them my number and saw them out. Tracy was in the hospital for almost two weeks I think, but is in perfect health now.

Her cat slept with me every night she was gone.

TL;DR- Cops think roommate is suicidal, climb in through window, and bust into my room instead of hers. Confusion ensues.

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