Reddit, what is your craziest party story?

Okay, so when I was 17 there was a group of us living in this house out in the country and we had ridiculous parties... tons of shit happened, several times girls got into actual fist fights, one time this guy did a bunch of shrooms, gave us the keys to his new mustang, wandered off and showed up 3 days later for his car. There was this little kid (maybe 13?) we called Moped because he drove this little moped who always showed up asking for bars, and would sit on our couch and try to get girls to take their tops off. And this old redneck guy who came over every morning to smoke with us and his daughter.

But there was this one time that was just the craziest thing I've ever seen.

We picked up these.... traveling crust punks one time. My friend knew one of the guys so no worries? Four dudes, they stayed in one of the bedrooms for about a week.

There was Purple - because of his purple bandana

Grumpy - He was grumpy.

Santa - Because he always wore a santa hat

And Loverboy- because I know his gf.

So one night I'm pretty drunk and we're all chilling and Loverboy pulls out some bath salts, and the crustpunks start snorting little key bumps. Whatever, this was before the zombie thing. So then Santa decides that's not intense enough and pulls out fucking syringes, and they shoot the rest of that shit up. I'm still drunk in the corner at this point. The conversation gets weird, they start talking about God and how they aren't people but actually angels, and brothers. So then Santa makes the suggestion that they become actual blood brothers. You know how that goes, cut your fingers and press it together? NOPE. These guys somehow come to the conclusion that in order to become blood brothers, they needed to each draw a syringe of their own blood, mix it together, and inject it into each other. When drunk me hears this and pipes up "Hey, uh, that's a really bad idea" Santa turns around and yells "Get behind me Satan" so I figure I better just let this play out. Then Loverboy mentions that he might be positive for Hepatitis, Purple points out "No worries, god will protect us" So I witness these guys sit there and basically ignore every damn safety rule we ever learned in health class and decide that it might be a good idea to go get someone less beta than me. My roommate went apeshit, kicked them out that moment.

Purple is in San Francisco now trying to be a rapper.

Grumpy just disappeared.

Santa wandered around town begging for about a month, still wearing that Santa hat.

And Loverboy, well Loverboy is serving 20 years in the state penn for choking a man to death in his own home a few months later.

I don't do drugs anymore.

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