Reddit, what was your dream last night?

The setting was a very dark, grey city.

Pretty poor community overall from the looks of it, but I didnt feel unsafe. There were kids living in poverty. All stuck together in a shack type house. Pribably 10 or so of them. Ranging from ages a8-15ish. They a had some serious issues. Abandonment, malnutrition.. One girl had a weird obsession with smelling peoples hair because it gave her comfort. In the dream my name was Jodie. I found these kids.. And I don't know how or why I was there. They weren't allowed to leave this place. Because if they tried to. They'd have to be out on the street with absolutely nothing. Idk how often they were being fed, but by their status it didn't seem like often. I sat in this shack of a house with them for a bit and got to know these kids. They were all so sweet and misguided. They needed love, freedom and support to make something of themselves. Soon after, I discovered that apparently the people "funding" this little shack and basically keeping them prisoner were their older siblings. They were these Jersey Shore looking faggots who made a band with a bitch lead singer who were too successful locally for their own good. Had money from merch and ticket sales, and thought they were the shit. I imagine the parents were out of the picture and this was their conclusion instead of actually caring for the children. They would walk in all high and mighty acting like gods and check on the kids. If any of them tried to leave, or did leave and got found, the brothers would kick the shit out of them. One of the girls stuck in there was even just a fan. Not related I presume. Idk how she got there. The people in the band were all about 20something They didnt all look related, but most of them did. After hearing all this, I couldnt believe it, so I went to find them. I found the siblings at a local food place all eating, laughing, etc.. I asked them about what was going on. They all said things similar to "awh yeah, its really sad, but its the best we can do" then would change the subject or offer me concert tickets. I couldn't just walk away from these kids. So I went back to feed them and spend some time with them. At one point, I slept there with them and I woke up the next morning one of the older siblings beating their brothers. I tried to get in the middle of it and he just walked away like the boy deserved it and wouldn't respond to my attention on the subject. One of the girls found an old camera, took my picture and ran out the door during this time. I never saw her again for the remainder of this dream. I went outside and yelled at the band.. "You cant possibly think this is right! These kids need you and you're the only ones in this city who could help them." One of the guys responded that they had tamales getting cold and should hurry up. There didn't seem to be any available police force in this town. I followed them and between tears I finally broke down. "I'm really starting to think you don't give a fuck about these kids. And you're all fucking pathetic. You're what we in the business call 'beginning successors'. People with potential to make it bigger, but when people learn youre all pieces of shit, you can kiss your fame goodbye" hoping that maybe threatening their ego would help. They seemed to be the only wealthy people in the whole community. I woke up during this conversation.

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