reddit, what was your experience getting your wisdom teeth out? [serious]

I had to get my wisdom teeth removed because they were moving backwards- going up into my skull and down into my jawbone. They had to go because one of them had its roots almost hooked around a major nerve in my jaw and it could cause nerve damage if it wasn't removed.

Before I went under, I was assured by the doctor that I wouldn't remember a thing. I then thought "huh, well I remember him saying that obviously, which is ironic". And for some stupid reason, I tried to see how long I could stay conscious as they delivered the anesthetic. It was a pretty trippy experience- imagine lying down and closing your eyes, and then suddenly you're floating like you're in a pool, and then your body just kind of "dissolves" away into the water like a sugar cube until you're just a skeleton, and then everything goes black.

The next thing I remember is being in my bed back at home, my mouth sore and my lips feeling swollen. According to my dad, on the drive back home I kept rambling about needing to get my striped shirts back from my brother, which is odd because I don't own any striped shirts.

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