Reddit, what is your favorite poem?

The things that make me love this poem that it serves ai integrate part in the death Swedish Amierica emigrant Joe Hill. This is his last will and testante, written hoursbe fore he faced the fiering squad, he heard get sat "READT! AIN! "before Joe interuppted them by telling FIRE!

My will is easy to decide,

For there is nothing to divide.

My kind don't need to fuss and moan

Moss does not cling to a rolling stone


My body? Ah, If I could choose,

I would to ashes it reduce,

And let the merry breezes blow

My dust to where some flowers grow.


Perhaps some fading flower then

Would come to life and bloom again.

This is my last and final will.

Good luck to all of you.

Joe Hill

WHy is do I He knew he was goig to die, did spend his knigh to instead of findning meterial thingds to give them writes them a poem with one last mesage. And finallym where he is a bout to be shot he takes conplroll in som some way and send a message. So the poem in itself has som bad points and some good points, if you see it in as a part of a story about a man beging framed and executed, uses his last wish to sens a msessage of ope, and the takes over the execusion by being the ine that say fiar. "Thories aof this clain tath it was just to show that he had no fear and wanted to show it, or to show who thye are realy working for, either way i just find this to be f fantastic series of evens, He stays strong and sends os a poel abobupe.

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