Reddit, what is your favorite High School memory?

I could pick a sports story, or a story about one of my first girlfriends, but I figure this thread will be filled with stories like that. So instead, I present to you - my petty revenge story.

Growing up, two doors down from me was a boy named Aaron. He was two years older than me, which made him old for even his grade but to make it worse, he failed a grade and got put into my class. So from the 3rd grade on through my the remainder of my schooling experience, Aaron was in my class.

Aaron was a douche. Plain and simple. When I was 5, he blasted me in the face with an ice ball that sent me to the hospital, near blinding me. This started a family feud between his family and mine also for the remainder of our schooling experience.

Over the years we had many back and forth revenge stories. One year he stole my bike, I shot him with a wrist-slingshot. I set his backpack on fire, he busted out my bedroom window. On on and this went until finally he said he killed our cat when it disappeared (he might have) and I jumped him in the locker room with my history book - sent him to the hospital.

After that restraining orders were created, we were set in different schedules, they even arranged different school transportation for us. We were told if it ever happened again we'd be expelled, so on. But luckily that didn't matter.

At the end of that year, Aaron failed another grade and had to be held back. His parents were FURIOUS, they blamed me for hospitalizing their kid as to why he failed - when really he's just a dumb fuck who should be shot. They even went as far to try and sue us, which got no where.

Flash forward to the 10th grade.

Things had been quiet, with the grade difference and the fact we had alternate transportation - we never saw each other. Especially my freshman year when he was still in middle school - not even the same building. But now in the 10th grade, he was back.

Most people had forgotten what happened, although Aaron still had a giant gash scar on his left cheek. They gave him a locker within 100ft of mine, meaning I ran into Aaron 2-3 times a day now.

I thought about complaining, but I mean really this was years ago. I could get over it if he could - so in effort not to reopen old wounds I left it alone. In retrospect, this was a bad idea.

One day shortly after 2nd period, I opened up my locker and was reaching down for a book when Aaron dumped a 20oz of god knows what in my hair. I had been growing an Afro and had acquired the nickname "Fro-Daddy" - which I happened to like, a lot. So when Aaron, this cunt, poured shit in my hair... I lost control.

He thought it was just so funny, he poured and started running towards the stairs. Unfortunately for him, I'm faster. I was up on him before he set foot on the top step.

I'm honestly not sure what I was thinking - I was in blind rage. I wanted to tackle him and smash in his entire face. But that's not what happened.

Instead, when I ran up behind him to grab him - he slowed down to start going down the stairs and I ended up shoving him - full force. I was an offensive lineman, when I say full force - I mean 260lbs of full force. This kid went flying, over shooting the base of the mid-level landing and clipping the arm rail throwing him into a spin ultimately going through the giant glass window.

Immediately when I pushed him I regretted it, mid air I knew.. I knew I fucked up bad. But I mean, seriously - fuck Aaron.

When the glass broke teachers ran out there, they saw me looking guilty and demanded to know what happened. I told them the truth, that Aaron threw shit in my hair and started running, I chased him- he fell down over the stairs and through the window.

They ran and checked on him, he was unconscious bleeding from the face, arm and leg.

In the end, I got suspended for 7 days - it would have been expulsion except Aaron started it. His parents tried to sue, and sadly we ended up having to pay his medical bills. Aaron broke his arm and leg, got some stitches on his face- again.

But if you ask me, it was worth it. That cunt had to spend 6 months in casts, knowing I put him in it. Fuck Aaron, if you're reading this - just know I'd do it again.

TL:DR Shoved a bully down the stairs. It was horrible, but also great.

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