Reddit, what is your worst moment of "I probably shouldn't hang out with these people"?

I'm going to tell you a story. Whether you believe it's true or not, that's up to you. But I can assure you that it was (and still is) incredibly real for me.

Has anyone ever told you about Jet? I used to have a friend named Jet. He turned out to be a dick though. Although 'dick' may not accurately describe it. I've never fucking told anyone about this, but I really fucking hate Jet. It was the summer between grade 8 and 9. The summer between grade 8 and 9, hormones in the air. I met him when I was in a mall at EB games (videogame store). He was the weirdest kid I've ever met he always drank energy drinks. You know that Nos drink? Probably not. I asked him why he couldn't just drink a regular energy drink because he hated it so much, he called it the "poser" energy drink. He never gave me a clear response (you'll understand why). He drank one called Fuel. He was absolutely obsessed with it being the poor asshole he is. One day he invited me to this party in a kinda far away neighbourhood. Well I went to the party for shits and giggles. Everyone was drinking and some were smoking out back (oh middle schoolers). I didn't do that shit back then so I just sit in the corner and watched Jet try to talk to girls. I was so pissed off that he brought me out to this. Like it was probably the most awkward thing of my life Well he talked to this one girl and this guy came and it was her boyfriend. And he punched Jet in the face. I'd like to thank you Random Party Dude #3 wherever you are. Well Jet flipped shit, like you can imagine. He was flailing his arms everywhere. Some kid got hit in the eye by his arm and bled like hell.There was beer and weed everywhere and I was sure parents or the cops were gonna show so I ran out back and jumped the fence. Don't call me a pussy that's what every sane sober person would do when confronted with Jet. I thought Jet was out of my life, I didn't hear from him after that. I made sure of it. Until last year again at one of my sport team meets that is. A bloody kid on my team used to live in that area and went to the party.He was telling the rest of the kids on my team about Jet and I heard the name. So I said I knew Jet and was at the party too. I said I left early and didn't know what happened afterwards Guess what happened. He went fucking insane. The cops showed and he was running up and down the streets laughing hysterically. HE BROKE A KID'S NOSE IN THE STRUGGLE. When the cops tried to get him to calm down he charged at them. But he was really small and skinny so they just held him back and brought him to the station. They were going to put him in a holding cell until they could contact his parents because the asswipe was still going apeshit everywhere. But here's the worst part. He kept the energy drink down his pants in case he ever 'needed' it. So he reached down his pants, took out the energy drink and opened it and poured it on the cell bars. I repeat, POURED IT ON THE HOLDING CELL BARS. And my whole team started laughing. And they called him crazy But he wasn't crazy guys.

He was just ignorant He just didn't know Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams.

tl;dr- Jet's Fuel can't melt steel beams

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