Reddit, what's a good way to subtly get some well deserved revenge?

Housemate revenge.

Soak the person’s toothbrush in the toilet. Let it dry and put it back where you found it.

Place chewed bubblegum under the person’s favorite pair of shoes.

Place blue dye in his shampoo bottle.

Replace his gel with hair removal wax.

Cut the person’s hair and make very short bangs while he is asleep.

Spit in his mouthwash bottle.

Hide a red or any colored fabric inside the washing machine that will surely stain his clothes when he washes them.

Squeeze a tube of toothpaste all over his hair while he is asleep.

Shave one of his eyebrows while he is asleep or heavily intoxicated.

Place some laxative in his juice.

Call as many overseas phone numbers as you can use his mobile phone.

Cut the bottom seams of his pants’ pockets.

Hide an alarm clock in his room that will set off in an ungodly hour. Have your dog pee on his bed.

Put red ants on his bed.

Brush your dog’s teeth using his toothbrush.

If a guy, paint his bike pink.

Add some alcohol into his aftershave bottle.

Rub chilies on the mouth of his drinking bottle.

Turn off the power when he’s watching his favorite show.

Turn off the power when he’s in the restroom at night.

Turn off the water supply when he is in the shower and you think he’s about to rinse.

Declare love to a random girl using his mobile phone.

Keep his bedroom window open. Spread birdseeds all over the room. Let his come home to a room full of feathers and bird droppings.

Spill vinegar or soy sauce all over his bed. This will take days to wash and dry.

Drop his sandwich on the floor before serving.

Let the dog drink from his juice before serving.

Replace his hand sanitizer with clear glue.

When he is dead-drunk, have a friend help you carry him and his mattress to the yard.

Co-worker revenge.

Call from the office and order pizza for everyone. Place the tab on the person.

Sign his name and number in different active sales agents. This will keep his phone ringing non-stop.

Sign-up his work and personal email accounts to different websites for updates, including pornographic sites. Spam emails can be very annoying, especially in your work email.

Have someone pretend to be the person’s gay/lesbian lover and call the office secretary.

Sign him up to adult magazines subscriptions and have them deliver it to the office address.

Send leaflets addressed to him about herpes to the office. Distribute flyers for a house party at his place without him knowing.

Put salt on his coffee.

Put a sleeping pill in his water half an hour before his big presentation.

While he is on break, change his desktop wallpaper to something embarrassing.

Forward several pornography site email subscription invites to your boss using your co-worker’s email address.

Repeatedly call his mobile phone using an unknown number during a meeting.

Spill ink on his office chair. Use an ink with the same color as the chair so he won’t notice at first.

Place a spider inside his drawer.

Call him pretending to be an eager customer. Ask for a meeting but do not show up.

Call him again and say you will be late for an hour. Make him wait, but still do not show up.

Turn his speaker to the highest volume before he gets to work. If he leaves his computer open, rearrange files and rename them. Delete some as well.

Secretly videotape your co-worker while ranting about work. Upload it over the Internet and make sure your boss sees it.

Unplug his computer’s power while he’s saving a file.

Unplug the printer connection to his CPU.

Glue his mouse to the mouse pad.

Insert an embarrassing slide in his presentation.

Hide an alarm clock in his desk and set it off really high.

Throw him a plastic bug when people are around.

Break the ends of his pencils and glue to caps on the pens.

Ex-lover revenge.

When he is on a date, pay a kid to call him “Daddy”.

Leave a sexy message on his answering machine, but calling out a different name.

Parade your new flame where your ex will see you.

Post sexy photos of you online to make him realize what he lost.

Upload pictures of how happy you are without your ex.

Spread a rumor that you broke up with him because he is not good in bed.

Spread a rumor that he has a rather small “package”.

Post his picture and contact details in as many gay sites as possible.

Pay a local newspaper to print an ad on crabs and herpes awareness with his face on it.

Make prank calls in the middle of the night using unknown numbers.

If he is dating someone new, send him expired chocolates with the new girl’s name on it.

If he is getting married with another person, contact his suppliers and move the wedding date or cancel. This will create a big confusion to everyone.

Call his mom and give a false name. Tell her you’re pregnant and your ex won’t see you.

Call his new girl and tell her that you may be pregnant.

Call your ex and tell him you thing you’re pregnant. That should keep him paranoid for a few weeks.

Upload embarrassing photos of him over the Internet.

If you know his credit card details, shop like crazy online.

When you know he’s about to meet a new girl for a date, “accidentally” bump into his and smear some lipstick on his shirt without him noticing.

Neighbor revenge.

Walk your dog and have him take a leak or dump on the neighbor’s front door.

Poison his precious plants in the garden.

In the middle of the night, throw some stinky garbage on his lawn. That should attract flies and other insects.

Pour the contents of your garbage can in his newly cleaned swimming pool.

Pierce holes on each car tire at night.

Make his car alarm at midnight.

At night, spread birdseeds on his car and yard. When he wakes up, his yard and car will be filled with birds and their wastes.

Write on his car using permanent marker or paint.

Vandalize on his wall or fence using paint.

Put several mousetraps on his doorstep.

Spill water on his newspaper upon delivery.

Toilet paper his house.

Pour shampoo or bubble bath into his pool or fountain.

Sprinkle wild seeds on his garden.

Sprinkle salt water on his garden every day.

Put an ad on the newspaper that their house is on sale.

Spray paint his car’s windshield.

Apply petroleum jelly on their doorknobs.

Apply honey on their doorknobs. The bees will love it.

Tie his car to the trashcan.

Contact several sales people and ask them to visit for a demonstration. Give out your neighbor’s address.

Place a huge rock in his car’s exhaust.

In the middle of the night, push his car to a tow-away area.

Put slime under the car door handle.

Send over some tasty-looking sandwiches made of cat food.

Put a “For Sale” sign outside their house.

Hide their cat for a few days and let them go crazy searching for it.

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