Reddit what's the most shocking thing you've seen in public?

I'm talking about the feminicidios you sad little ignorant raisin, over more than 500 women were killed in one year during the ruling of one mayor in the city I used to live in. Women are raped, murdered, there was a transwoman beheaded and burnt and thrown in the dumpster not long ago. There is the women of Juarez, so literally afraid of living they don't even have the freedom to dress an act whatever way they want, in fears of being kidnapped and sold to the organs, drugs or sex market. These are children not even adults even.

I had to live in a town where little girls (11 - 17) were not only taught they were objects to trade for their parents but also meant nothing and deserved nothing. They couldn't do anything other than clean and cook and were treated like garbage. And treated others like garbage as a result.

I had to live in a town where young girls m(too young) told me about their abortions, their times being "rented" or even there was the time I was told through a newspaper worker about one that was killed because her father literally lost her in a fucking bet. A BET. You can come up to me with your ignorant mra bullcrap and still keep missing the point, extreme violence against women has existed since the spanish arrived in these lands and you can come at me with your sad little "what about men".

I KNOW. But that's not what I'm talking about. You wanna know your what about men? Suicide rate for men in this country is almost 4 in 20, and that's not for most of the reasons you might think up about right now, it happens because the people who can't study and find a job often end in drugs.

You know where drugs often lead to? Death.

You know what happens to men in this country? They're treated like faggots the moment they even appear to be suffering. Depression is a joke in this country, men are literally taught since their very early years to man up, don't cry, study or work depending on the situation, and get married have kids and a job. You know what women are taught? Find a rich husband and pop kids and cook for him.

So shut up already because the intense violence I had to suffer first hand and watch, is not reduced to "boo hoo poor boys".

You know what happened to my neighbor? Her other neighbors took turns raping her. You know what happened to my first ex? She was raped her entire childhood by HER BROTHER and no charges were ever presses and nothing ever happened to the rapist. You know what did happen? He tried raping her again when she was FIFTEEN. And the police? Apparently that doesn't exist. But god forbid some random güero gets mugged and his little wallet and phone stolen what a tragedy must cover the news.

Our president? Oh he's fine with a 7mil dollars house no problem!!

So shut the hell up. Just shut up because you don't know anything about the world I've witnessed first hand. You don't know what is it like to see your MOTHER receive direct death threats just because she made a journalist article about the women in la Huasteca, just because she got her name mistaken by someone else's. You don't know the fucking fear of her getting shot dead on the street and we'd never know about it.

You don't know what is it like seeing your 16 year old cousin having two children and no possible future, your 50 year old aunt having to bust her back because no one will hire her, with two children that are too young to fend for themselves with barely any education.

You don't know. Because your argument is "what about men". That means nothing here. Nothing.

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