Reddit, what's the shittest gift you've ever received?

My father went on a cruise and didn't want to bring me or my brother with him, so instead he promised to buy us something nice. At the day of arrival, we waited forever to get these presents, but he promptly said it was too expensive to buy us anything. So instead he thought it would be better to buy us each a pack of mints and a single stick of salami.

Me and my brother though it was a prank, since he surely had money to go on a cruise with his new GF at the time, and it turned out to be a prank... To some extent. He thought it would be fun to get me one of these joke tshirts, it had a polar bear on it that just sat there with the caption "Lazy days" as he though it would be perfect for me, since, according to him, I was too lazy to exercise. Long story short i have a diagnosed hip/knee problem that prevents me from participating in most sports, which he refuses to acknowledge.

So he sat there laughing while he wanted me to try it on. The sad part is that he completely forgot about last time he went on a cruise... Back then he also bought me the exact same shirt, and obviously forgot about it. So when I went to my room to show him the previous shirt, he just though it would be fun to mention that "you're so lazy you need two of them". This is the one present I will never forget.

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