Reddit, who are your top 3 YouTubers?

I've been watching YouTube since 2010 and I can honestly say that these are my three favorite YouTubers (not in any particular order). Even though they are pretty big and known, I would be pretty happy if even 1 person discovered these great YouTubers for the first time.

  1. NigaHiga- Almost everyone who has watched YouTube for a while knows this incredibly hard working dude who has been making hilarious content for nearly a decade. He was the most subscribed YouTuber at one point and is always honest with his fans, never getting into beef or starting up drama for views.
  2. FazeJev- This guy is for all you people out there who love gaming but also are into down to earth people who vlog and cares about their content. I know that many people like to shit on call of duty and FaZe clan but he's truly a gem not only from the clan but from all of YouTube as well.
  3. DashieGames/DashieXP- Dashie is someone I discovered fairly recently, last year actually, but he has the ability to make even the most boring games hilarious. He also has a skit channel called DashieXP which used to be his main channel but now he mostly posts gameplay on his DashieGames channel and releases skits one a month or so. His humor is not for everyone and it even took me a while to get used to him and the shouting (headphone users BEWARE lol) but this dude can always cheer me up and I highly suggest his Super Mario Maker series, Happy Wheels series and his GTA V series.
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