Reddit, who is the nicest person you know, and what did life hand them that you think they absolutely deserved?

I am a teacher for 16 / 17 year olds. The love and affection some of my students and ex students shower upon me is something that I have never experienced from anyone outside my family. Their love to me is unconditional. Amongst them is a boy, who is still my student. The best human I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunate me have never gotten to interact with good humans. And he is a true miracle who dawned in my life.

Sometimes I feel God must have taken his form. Yes, he is very mischievous and very much like any other boy of his age. But he is very focused and mature beyond his age. The empathy he shows is something beyond his age . He is an achiever, yet full of humility . He is selfless. Probably the way he treats me and others, his entire attitude , towards me and everyone makes me feel this way. I get so much motivation from him. I started loving myself after he became my student.

One need not be a social worker or a philanthropist to help others. Charity begins at home. Just by doing one's duty, just by being tolerant , just by adjusting with others, with what should be adjusted, just by appreciating others the best in them one can spread love. He brought out the best in me. He inspires me. I think of him as much as I think of my own son

At last I met a truly good human in my life.

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