Redditor finds three US legal cases where individuals were convicted of obstruction of justice even while using the phrase "I hope," blowing up Republican talking points claiming that this phrase clears President Trump of any wrongdoing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't the president order the FBI to stop or start investigations at will? He is the head of the executive branch after all. I understand that there is a tradition of not doing so, but legally I don't see how he can be in any trouble over the Flynn thing.

The loyalty aspect of it he has disputed and it appears that he has hinted he will actually release tapes in the next few days proving this. Assuming Comey is being honest, which he probably is, it strikes me more as Trump being a political neophyte than him trying to become a dictatorial power. Especially since Comey testified once he actually told Trump them meeting one on one isn't appropriate Trump never again did so. Certainly lacking class, but nothing worthy of impeachment as most liberals seem to believe.

Comey also testified that Trump is not under investigation several times during the hearing. Trump obviously was irritated that world leaders were hesitant to deal with them because the news were circulating false narratives that Trump is being investigated for colluding with the Russians in hacking our election. Comey also testified that the Russians infiltrated hundreds of organizations, maybe over a thousand, and that Trump wanted Comey to find anybody near him (his satellites) who might have been compromised.

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