Redditor on r/totalwar makes a joke about Naggarond being the Alabama of WFB. South Carolina man takes umbrage with this until a mod channels his inner Ikit Claw and nukes everything.

They also go on to say...

Most of what I know of Nazi Germany's civilian side during the 1930s is to do with the logistics of their rearmament, which I suppose you might not consider sufficient for the purposes of this discussion. But what I do know made it quite clear that Nazi Germany fit the general definition of socialism, with the state on the commanding heights of the economy. If you're insistent on academic sources, I'd have to spend quite some time digging through my books that I own and bibliographies on my old papers (in case of ones I either ordered through ILL or simply got from the library)

Maybe this person does have a couple degrees, maybe they didn't even come from a diploma mill. But they are still a huge fucking idiot.

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