Redditor proves that the Republican party consistently and almost unanimously votes for policies harmful to the vast majority of Americans

Rather than reply directly I'll reply to you as the majority of this post concerns you, towards the end I'll address someone elses (pantsmeplz) argument who people here will probably know who is as he appears prominently in the comments of the current best comment, could have made two posts but as this is a general thing I'll just write it once. I like debating and as an outsider (European) I tried very hard to comb through it, I was close when I reached stuff like a campaign reform and saw the democrats lost out because they were a minority in congress, so maybe they deliberately pushed this to get votes knowing it'd be struck down as they were a minority when I saw just below that in the senate where they had the majority they voted it through anyway (Not that I think it had an effect if it couldn't pass congress). The only explanation I could possibly use to defend the republicans or cast doubt is that it doesn't have all bills on there and that the creator might have cherry-picked but you'd have to do a certain amount of work to confirm that and I don't think the average Joe can be bothered. Trump supporters are clearly the most passionate of the Republican party voters and frankly from what I've seen they don't like the rest of the Republicans (who don't like them back) and as such they might not feel a need to argue against a lot of that list. Old-school republicans from the conservative subreddit would then be the logical go-to for a retort but they are so few on reddit in general that asking them to retort is borderline unfair (not entirely uncalled for) as they're just so massively outnumbered. You can then blame them from staying in a hugbox but again, to be fair, r/bestof and r/politics and r/news are due to the demographics of reddit very much in favor of the democrat parties and the massive number of down-votes such republicans would receive is likely a deterrent for them to venture out and debate. There is also the option that run-of-the-mill republicans just aren't passionate supporters of the republican party but mild supporters, they simply see it as less bad than the democrats as we see in the bestof post that the stuff the democrats vote for, I mean, a lot of it looks very expensive. Republicans vote for cuts and the Democrats for for increased spending, maybe the republicans vote for the republican party because they believe in decreasing the deficit or at least not increasing spending fearing an inevitable default. Another comparison I'd like to see them attempt is to assemble a "dream team" like this: Limbaugh Hannity O'Reilley Beck (the pre-2016 one) Ingraham Jones Coulter Yiannopoulos u/pantsmeplz about conservative reach, the conservatives of America really don't have as many options for their media as the progressives do, a lot of it is focused into one news channel (Fox) and a few papers, with most Trump Supporters favoring Breitbart, though I imagine that might have changed after the Grand Lizard was removed form office. I'm also surprised you didn't include Alex Jones, I'll include Alex Jones, he's pretty popular. Fear peddlers? I think the fact that a bunch of them, namely TYT seem to sympathize with violent anarcho-communists whilst other progressive news just ignores them can draw them up to being at least as bad as trying to sympathize with (or just ignore) white supremacists, Europe has been ruined by both so they're commonly and imo correctly chalked up to being the same problem. If the Conservatives were spread about as widely as the progressives perhaps the situation would be more equal, again, I'm not American but as it stands I can at the very least present The Independent (U.K I know, but hoh boy do U.S democrats eat their tabloid stuff up, probably make up a fair bit of their subscription base as well) Huffington Post, Salon, Buzzfeed, Jezebel? (Not sure I spelled that right) off the top of my head. The Young Turks, A dozen different political comedians like that one woman who got her show on Netflix and again, you can say they aren't political talkshows but, you know they kind of are, inside your heart you know it. Anyway I've done some casual googling to see if I can create a list and try to compare them. Weekly views below - Jon Oliver (4.1m Viewers) Trevor Noah (1.0m Viewers) Samantha Bee (2.11m Viewers from a cursory glance at google from first episode of 2017) MSNBC (6m Viewers) CNN (5.74m Viewers) Cenk Uygur/Ana Kasparian (0.5m Viewers) What reach does Fox News have combined? 9.94m in a good week. Rather than Milo we can take all of Breitpart 7.7m unique clicks in a week. Then we have Alex Jones with a good 400.000 trailing behind the greats but he certainly does have a reach, if nothing else for entertainment purposes. Now keep in mind the above list I made contains no progressive newspapers, they could likely extend the number a decent bit. So we have the republicans with 18m/week for breitbart+fox for the time being and the democrats with 19.5m, if we started counting all conservative and progressive papers I'm still confident we'd end up with the democrats ultimately having a greater reach. Not to mention you've most of Hollywood on your side and their reach is global as their awards programmed is televised on national news here whilst Fox News is ridiculed (rightly so tbh) by our teachers in school and just about everywhere outside the United States, yet here you are complaining about reach to the sound of THUNDEROUS applause from reddit? Give me a break. Its as if you want to present yourself and the democrats as the underdog. TLDR: I agree far more with the democrats than the republicans and I could find nothing in the bestof list that seemed to indicate the republicans aren't just plain worse in almost every regard, yet I find the victim-complex shown by the democrats here to be dishonest, they have greater support, they have greater reach, they're not the underdog. But I digress, final Point to Vicwebb and going back to my first point: My main suggestion if your true wish, not just a virtue-signal wish but true wish is for debate, going to a more neutral ground to talk to them and trying to inspire change in Reddit in general and the way the default subs are moderated might well be a way to start.

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