Why do Redditors think they are experts on everything, especially with COVID-19? Why do they always have to bring up politics and the “muh vaccine” argument? Ugh.

Yup and it's ridiculous. Only our lord and savior, Donald Trump, is infallible in his infinite wisdom. If Trump says that I shouldn't be afraid of the coronavirus, then I'm not going to be afraid of it. No masks for me. What do these doctors know anyway? Donald Trump is way more educated about COVID-19 than Dr. Fauci. Didn't you hear him recently? He said he learned about it in real school, not book school. He has more experience with it than Dr. Fauci does because he actually got it!

How can Dr. Fauci pretend to know something that he never got? All he does is read books about it. That's like putting faith in something that you've never seen nor experienced while trusting in the words of a book written by other people. Anyway, the proof that God is real is that He sent down our lord and savior, Donald Trump, to teach us all to not be afraid of covid.

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