Redditors from outside the United States, what do Americans do that baffles you?

I am American, but at one job I had as a temp I noticed something that baffled me. I was a temp as a lab tech for a position that normally requires a bachelor degree. I was working with 2 girls and a young man who were open about their student loans for their degree and no offense, but to me those amounts they told me they owed were astronomical. 30-50k. I was being paid 2 dollars an hour less than them as a temp to be there doing the same thing they do and being trained by a lab manager that had an associates (not BA) who majored in finance, not sciences or agriculture like these guys. Yes I was making 2 dollars less, but that difference is easily made up by the fact I don’t owe anyone anything. They were training me to be an eventual hire on at everyone else’s rate. Great experience but I didn’t like the field in the end. Anyway, the acceptance of these massive loans baffles me. I got my associates for free, beyond that (to get my BA) I would have owed a lot for job types that don’t pay that off realistically without a half a lifetime of commitment to the loan. I would feel an intense amount of pressure and inconvenience if I was in their shoes, especially when I was there training to be in their shoes for free by someone who didn’t even have their level of education and was simply a great worker.

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