Redditors getting mad at female artist in r/pics, name a more iconic duo

Full disclosure I posted in that thread before this one existed, and I regularly comment here in SRD.

The creepy comments like "hey beautiful" of yesteryear have just turned into the "upvote because girl" and no one would care if you weren't female"

It honestly is the same as far as I care.

How to be a Redditor:

  1. Leave a comment about gender, not the content.

  2. Let everyone know you checked for nudes in post history.

  3. Trawl all associated social media for a hint of cleavage or general summer attire. Sexy is only good when it makes my PP happy.

  4. Let everyone know that the art is "actually mediocre" (not like high quality hentai) and a similar picture was posted with less upvotes.

  5. Say "simp" "cuck" "whiteknight" "npc" or whatever hot alt-right buzzword is in favor.

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