Why do you think redditors get salty over reposts, when this entire site was designed to repost content from around the internet?

And then the whole fucking site applauds fucking coconuts. God, that was stupid. I unsubscribed from TIFU after that stupid ass shit.

I don't really hate reposts. Sometimes, it's something that I have not seen. But there is a lot of pretentious, stupid shit posted in Two-X and TIFU.

While I'm an advocate of women's rights (really, just human rights), the shit that I've seen front page in Two- X made me cringe.

To sum up those two subs, here is my take. First, TIFU: an obvious lie paired with a ridiculous vocabulary exposition. Cool, you think you're a creative writer, and you use thesaurus.com way too often. You're an annoying person who lies on the internet because... Why?

Second, Two-X. It's not always bad. There are a lot of really good, beautiful stories people have shared. Then there's the equivalent of dick-measuring, vagina style. "I saw a woman getting harassed, and I helped. I'm a super hero." Just fuck off already.

That's the whole point. There's a lot of cringe-inducing, stupid shit posted. And at least half of Reddit likes it. Never mind subs like T_D. Reddit is a fucking dumpster fire.

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