Redditors, what do you regret not doing in high school?

Not beating the shit out of two assholes... no idea what it is that I did to piss 'em off, but they were always just horrible to me. They'd try to degrade and humiliate me at all times.

I was just a guy that transferred over from a school that was <10 miles away tho; about the only thing I can imagine I did is that I was infringing on their turf.

I did get petty revenge against one of 'em one day tho. Dumbfuck had broken his arm in baseball practice, (how the fuck?) and had been recovering for months; he then hears from someone that I play Mercy.

He sees this as an opportunity to fuck with me again, I'd sorta had it by then; so I accept, and I'm sorta weary about the timing because we were about to go to the next class in like three mins or so... and now the crowd starts to come around... Fine I'll play ya, within 20 seconds he's tired to tap out saying Mercy...

Well, that's all well and good; but I don't like you, also you caused this crowd to form; and guess what, yeah they're sayin' you haven't had enough just yet, bitch. After about a minute of hearin' him say mercy and get louder about it, fine. I let him go.

He then says I could have re-broken his arm (shame, that's what I was aimin' for) "Oh, really I'm sorry I'm a bit deaf didn't you know that about me?"

Stupid fucker finally decided to slow down on the harassment after that day.

Should have just kicked his ass when I'd transferred over from the other school, and he decided to be a cunt for no reason; and been rewarded with three days off.

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