Redditors, where do you want to live? Redditors who live there, why should they not want to live there?

I have a hard time saying anything bad about San Diego. I've lived in a lot of places and it has been my favorite city of them all.

But I'm going to really try to smear paradise.

First of all, I will say there are a lot of entitled rich folk there, especially along the coastal cities in North County. I would hate to work retail or anything service related, I've seen a lot of those guys get abused by the customers (lots of "I want to talk to your manager" types). Don't even get me started on the La Jolla sea lion situation. Talk about first world whine.

Pacific Beach is one giant frat party with bros walking the streets all hours, although the beach itself is a lot of fun, clean with plenty of coastline to hang out on. Homeless people love it there.

Downtown also has a lot of homeless people, although they tend to stay away from the Gaslamp and the bar areas. Downtown is cool and growing, but in actuality there's only a couple places to hang out (Gaslamp, Little Italy, that black hole of an area around Horton Plaza, Seaport, East Village, etc.). But unless you like alcohol and food, there's not much else downtown offers. Seaport Village is a tourist trap, albeit with nice views.

Public transportation is not great. Some places are connected through trolly and downtown is better served by bus, but good luck trying to head north in a reasonable fashion. East is decent until you hit San Diego State, then you're fucked.

San Diego apparently has the nation's most drunk drivers and I've seen it myself the dangers of driving on the freeway in the dark. Happy hour is really big in San Diego so the people are getting pulled over all week for DUIs.

The parking situation at Balboa Park is awful. But the park itself is amazing: museums, gardens, events all year round.

The line to see pandas is ridiculously long and sometimes those lazy fucks don't even come out.

It rained for a week in 2010 and flooded my patio.

And... That's all I got. Seaworld. Boo.

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