Redditors, where do you want to live? Redditors who live there, why should they not want to live there?

I have lived in a van. Here's why you don't want to:

A van may, or may not, have toilet facilities. If it does, you will need to live with whatever stank you deposit into the stank tank until such time as you can pump it out at a black water station. Which you will do every other day IF you can find a station nearby. If you can't, you'll either not use your facilities or pay beaucoup dollars for gas to get to a station (because your van will only get about 10 mpg).

If you park in the city, you'll have knocks on your window in the middle of the night (being 'moved on' by local PD). If you park in the country, those knocks might be accompanied by the business end of a farmer's rifle as he invites you to get off his land. Campgrounds are awesome but standard sites (without water/electricity hookups) are now running $30/nt - hardly a savings.

You'll need to burn more gas to get to a grocery store every few days too, since your fridge will be miniscule. Speaking of miniscule, have we talked about your propane tank (cooking and fridge) and water tank (toilet, dishes)? Those will need to be filled on the regular as well.

So let's say you have it all together. You've found your campsite right next to a river, you've got the water/electric hookup, you're using the campground's showers and toilets and you're stocked on food. Except it's freezing cold and vans don't have insulation. Or it's stiflingly hot and your air con sucks gas like no tomorrow and you're afraid to open the doors because you're reading and the light will attract every gigantic flying bug known to man.

Oh, and forget about selling the van at the end of the trip. You know what the market is like for a used RV? Nada. Zilch. We had that fucking thing up for sale for nine months. You know who's interested in RV's? Retired people who have nothing else to do but waste your time on the weekends being looky-loos, that's who. After taking it out of storage (a pain in the ass) almost every weekend, and having precisely zero offers in that time, we finally had to pay someone to take it away.

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