Redditors who are sad right now, what's going on?

My back aches in a really uncomfortable asymetrical way, I have a sore throat, and it's exam season in university. I can't find the motivation to take studying seriously because I spend all day feeling fat, and I can't exercize because I'm supposed to be studying. I stress-eat all the time and it makes the situation worse.

I invest too many feelings in girls I meet on Tinder and through Instagram DMs because I don't have the self confidence to approach girls in real life. Usually they'll even agree to go on a date, but then ghost me on the day of, not show up, or come up with a clearly bullshit excuse the day of. In the end, I get ghosted seemingly independent of all other factors. I have never felt loved by any woman before, even the only one I've had sex with. I can't shake the feeling that I'm cursed to be unloveable forever. Even losing my viriginity to that girl didnt help because she faked liking me then ghosted me completely out of the blue. If anything, it left me feeling even more cursed and even worse about myself than when I was a virgin. I desperately crave female affection and sex, and even though I never show it it feels like the girls I talk to can tell.

I'm at the point where weed doesn't really get me high anymore, but it prevents the withdrawl symptom of feeling irritable so I smoke it every day anyway. Even with the sore throat I had to do it anyway.

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